Our pleasure to witness this couple's marriage ceremony that took place in Sofitel Hotel in Cairo during the day then joining them at night on La Deck for the wedding reception and sharing toasts with the guests. 

More fun by joining them for 3 days in Sinai to celebrate their wedding and capture their special moments with a breathtaking scenery.  The journey started with a chilled day in Nakhel Inn in Nuweiba enjoying the sandy beach then hiking on Sinai's beautiful mountains. Then having the pre-party next day and reaching the third day with excitement to enjoy the wedding aprty in the amazing Castle Zaman. 

Day 1 - Marriage Ceremony 

Day 2 - Nakhil Inn/ Wadi El-Weshwash

Day 3 - Beach pre-wedding party

Day 4 - The Wedding

Assistance Photographer by Hamed Kamel

Makeup by Soha Khoury

Dress by Hisham Aboul Ela

Dj Hadi Sabaa

Videography Ahmed Saleh